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The alliance of entrepreneurial experts

We see ourselves as a community of people, who enjoy taking opportunities and initiatives and have fun dealing with business challenges. We share a strong intrinsic motivation, a need for self-responsibility and a great interest in changes. Over the last years, we have gained a significant amount of experience, while scaling new heights with our customers. We know that it is possible and, most importantly, how it is possible.

How can we help you?

Our network consists of excellently trained and internationally experienced consultants, interim managers, trainers and coaches. We complement our client’s team with leadership and methodological competencies throughout their entire change lifecycle. In order to address strategic, as well as operational challenges, we apply a wide range of analytic, structuring, implementation and management tools.  We would be pleased to support you with our know-how in order to reach your goals.

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Our core team

Dr. Roland Dumont du Voitel

Managing Partner • CEO
Senior Consultant, Interim manager, Trainer und Coach
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Arlette Dumont du Voitel

Managing Partner • COO
Senior Consultant, Interim manager, Trainer und Coach
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Nils Schäfer

Junior Consultant
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Jenna Sitnikow

Relationship Manager
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Mathieu Blondeau

Marketing and Sales Manager
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Our philosophy

Our Vision

The vision of amontis is to be the no. 1 contact for our customers when they need consulting, interim, coaching or training services. We want to be a a renowned hub bundling high quality and effective blended consulting products and services. We want to make our offer physically and digitally available, transparent as well as easily accessible for our customers.

We want to live a corporate world, where we enjoy working in, because the organization, and first of all the people, have learnt to deal in a qualified manner with changes and uncertainties.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable clients to turn their challenges, ideas and innovations into tangible actions and results, and to introduce these into the client organisation in a sustainable manner. Our comprehensive, flexible and scalable product and service portfolio allows us to tailor a consulting mix, an appropriate “blend”, to suit perfectly our customer’s objectives and budget.

We want to guide our clients on their way to the top thanks to our experience gained through successfully mastered challenges, the ability to learn and grow from failures and the faith in a goal or idea as well as its feasibility.

Our pledge

We would like to be seen as the place customers and potential customers come to when they need advice regardless of whether we will be able to deliver the solution or just point them in the right direction. Therefore, we want them to trust us that their issues will be treated confidentially and with respect as well as that we will provide valuable advice that suit their interests over our own.
We see our clients and network partners as business partners with whom we have a warm and friendly relationship based on honesty, mutual respect, fairness and a win-win-orientation. This means we are striving for solutions that are beneficial to all involved parties in our negotiations, service delivery and all other dealings.

We consider the success of our client as the benchmark for our own success.

Our values

Integrity builds authenticity and trust that create a common basis for facing challenges together. Furthermore, our actions are guided by our awareness and values:

We are:

  • Loyal (we are loyal to our client and observe a strict confidentiality of all information shared)
  • Reliable and trustworthy (we cherish honesty and we find a solution if something does not go as planned)
  • Professional (we are experts in our field of activity and we can certify it – we respect our clients and they can rely on us)

Our approach is:

  • Transparent (you know and will get exactly what you paid for)
  • IMCM-driven (we develop our products and strategy according to the IMCM model)
  • Certified (we can prove that we are experts on the fields)
  • Reachable and proactive (we are easily to be reached, we answer or call back)
  • Flexible (we adapt to your specific needs)
  • Result-oriented (we deliver practice-oriented solutions that drives you to success)
  • Collective (we work as team accepting other point of view and building on it)
  • Diverse (we come from different backgrounds and leverage each other’s skills)

Our network

amontis has always been conceived as an alliance of entrepreneurial experts and at the turn of the millennium, the market was finally ready for it. However, markets are now facing new changes again and want agile, flexible, modular – but serious and resilient answers. These are exactly the answers we give our customers and partners.

Welcome to the amontis experts family.

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