amontis Business Panel

The amontis Business Panel

In our amontis business panel, we reflect on the latest issues relevant to business and organisations – entertaining and profound.

How does it work?

We stream our events live on our youtube channel. All information about our next Business Panel are beeing published on our LinkedIn page and in our newsletters (subscribe here). You will receive the link to the stream shortly before the event starts. The amontis Businel Panels are recorded live and a video of the event is published afterwards (see below).

The event has a duration of approximately 45 minutes. Once the moderator has opened the event, a professional keynote (TED-style, max. 12 min) provides a sensational impulse, which finally triggers a discussion. The discussion is done by the panel, which is a group of 3 experts, and is led by the moderator.

amontis Business Panel

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