Competence Sponsorship

Competence Sponsorship

With the “Competence Sponsorship” program, amontis offers voluntary associations and start-ups participation in open seminars for professional further development for free.


We were awarded for our Competence Sponsorship program a bronze German Stevie Award 2019 in the category “Company of the Year – Business Services” and a Lea Medium-Sized Business Award 2019.

The origin

When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, consulting firms usually choose a simple solution: financial donations to charities. This financial help is essential for this volontary associations and we also – and still – donate to charities that contributes to make the world a better place. However, we wanted to do something more.

We wanted to share our expertise and experience that we gathered over the yeras to help voluntary associations and start-ups to organise themselves more professionally – strategically, effectively and efficiently. This is how we came up with the idea of “Competence Sponsorship”. And since 2018, amontis offers free participations in open seminars for professional further development to voluntary associations and start-ups.

Our offer

To support and empower voluntary workers or young entrepreneurs in terms of content and methodology, we offer free participation in selected open seminars that are held at amontis. Since the number of places is always limited, interested parties have to apply for the seat. Those who are awarded a seat can than look forward to, for example, a three-day detailed introduction and exercise of project management according to PMI® (worth more than 1.600€). Other seminars are also offered depending on availability.


We ask the participants to write two feedback reports (each) following the free seminar and send them back to amontis. The first report is written shortly after the seminar and should reflect about the seminar itself and the first impressions gained from it. The second report should be written about half a year after the seminar and reflects whether and how the things learned have influenced a certain project or even the daily work of the association or the start-up.

In order to increase awareness about the program and enable even more people, volontary associations and start-ups to qualify for Competence Sponsorship, the reports will be published our initiative*blog and shared with the community on XING and LinkedIn.

Who can apply?

To be able to offer real added value, amontis focuses on two target groups: voluntary associations and start-ups.

Voluntary associations

amontis knows about the importance of voluntary associations and also about their often limited resources. With the program “Competence Sponsorship” we would like to help voluntary associations developp to their fully potential, to draw attention to them and their work and also value their actions by offering them valuable incentives.


Young, newly founded or start-up companies are important players in shaping the future. Good ideas must be encouraged. We see our best possible contribution to this  by offering continuing education and sharing our expertise. For this reason, amontis also offers start-ups free participation in our open seminars. In this way we want to enable them to develop their own ideas more constructively, to implement them more effeciently and finally to turn them into a lasting value.

How can you apply to the Competence Sponsorship program?

You are interested by our “Competence Sponsorship” program and you would like to apply? Here is how you do it.

Download our info sheet (in German) to get all important information about the “Competence Sponsorship” program and the application procedure. If you do not speak German, please contact us directly by clicking on the button below.


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Critical Chain Portfolio Management

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Successes of the Competence Sponsorship program

The “Competence Sponsorship” program has been a success for all participants since its creation. Not only do the sponsored participants gain an tangible advantage from the free training, but also our regular customers have appreciated that a more heterogeneous group of people (with different perspectives) was benefitial for the seminar and made the different exercises and business cases more interesting, which helped better anchor knowledge. As they say: “it’s the mixture that does it”.

We are also really pleased to see how our impulse has a positive effect on the association and the start-ups we support.

German Stevie Awards

amontis was awarded a bronze German Stevie Award in the category Company of the Year – Business Services  for the concept “Competence Sponsorship: Student development work supported by management consultancy” in 2019


amontis was awarded for its social commitment, the CSR program “Competence Sponsorship” with the certificate “Socially Committed 2019” at the Lea-Mittelstandspreis.


HeiSDA e.v.

HeiSDA is a student initiative that supports development projects in countries of the Global South. Together with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), HeiSDA supports local initiatives to implement small but effective development projects under the leadership of concerned communities. Not only are the projects financially supported, but HeiSDA volunteers are also actively involved on-site.

“The three-day project management seminar according to PMI was a great learning experience for me and will be very helpful in the future.”

  • Janne Wanner, member of the board of directors of HeiSDA e.V.


All reports from HeiSDA can be found on our blog.
More about HeiSDA e.v. can be found here.

Weitblick Heidelberg e.V.

Weitblick is a student initiative founded in 2008 in Münster, which advocates for a fair access to education. Under the motto “Educational Opportunities Worldwide”, motivated students are enthusiastically committed to this cause – and now at numerous locations throughout Germany. Since May 2011, Weitblick Heidelberg e.V. has been part of this network.

The clear systematics of the PMI standard and the application-oriented processing during the seminar using a realistic Weitblick example project were a great enrichment for me.

  • Benedikt Hemmer, federal board member of Weitblick e.V.


All reports of Weitblick can be found on our blog.
You can find more about Weitblick Heidelberg e.V. here.