Success Stories

Through our cooperation with well-known customers and our network of experts, we have been able to gain relevant experience, develop sustainable strategies, certify more than 5,000 employees in the area of project management. Furthermore we have gained concrete expertise for various industry niches and have established close professional relationships with a lot of our clients – for more than 25 years, amontis is there for you.

Below you will find more information about our clients, references and awards.


amontis team Stevie Award

Areas and clients

We are really pleased and also a little proud of the long list of respected customers with whom we can celebrate a successful collaboration. Today we cooperate with many of them again – a good benchmark for our work and company’s philosophy.

Here is a small excerpt of this list:



Consumer Goods







What our customers say:

Margot Glocker (Airbus Defence & Space):

Ich arbeite seit 2005 mit der amontis consulting ag im Rahmen der Entwicklung, Koordination und Durchführung von internationalen und mehrsprachigen Trainings- und Qualifizierungsprogrammen zusammen. Sie hat diese Leistungen stets mit großer Flexibilität und hoher Qualität geleistet. Ich empfehle die amontis consulting ag gerne jedem, der für seine Organisation einen kompetenten und zuverlässigen Partner zur Entwicklung, Durchführung und dem Management von internationalen und mehrsprachigen Trainings- und Qualifizierungsprogrammen sucht.


German Stevie Awards

amontis was awarded in 2018 a bronze German Stevie Award in the category “Best new product or service” for the concept “Blended Consulting“.

amontis was awarded a bronze German Stevie Award in the category “Company of the Year – Business Services ” for the concept “Competence Sponsorship: Student development work supported by management consultancy” in 2019.

amontis was awarded in 2020 a bronze German Stevie Award in the category “Best Marketing Brochure – Print” for the initiative*magazine  “The change gap“.

The German Stevie Awards are a top-class business prize for the German business world. Outstanding achievements are honored in over 80 different categories: from Manager of the Year in over 30 industries, to the Marketing Campaign of the Year, Product of the Year, and much more.

“Stevie” comes from the name Stefan and the Greek word for “crowned.”

The crystal pyramid that Stevie holds up represents the hierarchy of human needs. The system, often depicted as a pyramid, was developed in the 1960s by the psychologist Abraham Maslow. He observed that when people’s basic needs are met, they seek the appreciation of their colleagues.

amontis was awarded the certificate “socially committed 2019” by the Lea-Mittelstandspreis for the CSR program “Competence sponsorship“.

The Lea Mittelstandspreis is the most popular competition in Germany for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. More about it here.

Success Factor Family

In 2022, amontis joined the network “Success Factor Family”.

The company network “Success Factor Family” (Erfolgsfaktor Familie) was founded in 2007 by the Ministry and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry as a central platform for family-friendly companies. Since then it has and now includes over 7,300 members, from micro-enterprises to DAX companies. With its services, the network office supports above all small and medium-sized enterprises in the practical implementation of a family-friendly personnel policy.

Source: Netzwerkbüro “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”