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Continuing education is your way to progress.

In general, there are many opportunities to unlock and leverage potential or to increase satisfaction at work. The challenge is to be prepared for these opportunities. Training is an appropriate answer to this challenge. Its significance will further increase as long as less and less people need to perform more and more work. For an individual, continuing education is the investment with the highest possible return. For organizations in our knowledge-based society and economy, it is also an essential tool to retain, motivate and develop their most valuable factor for success – their employees – and help them achieve their personal goals along with those of the organization. Continuing education is a way to progress and allows you to actively shape your own future.


Inhouse Training Programs

Inhouse Training Program​s

Individual training and development measures are a building block for the sustainable qualification of employees and managers. With in-house training (also known as inhouse seminars), the company remains flexible – determining the topics and focal points, the location, format and language.

In-house trainings are training programs that are carried out exclusively for you and your employees – tailored to your needs and objectives in terms of content and location.

An in-house training at amontis is the right choice if you want to train several employees at the same time. The colleagues are “at home” – directly in the company, close to the workplace, directly at the daily business and in the circle of colleagues.

All the seminar’s results also remain safe and in-house.

Seminars for individuals, teams or entire organisations

We design your perfect training package.

Some topics are only of interest to specialists or individuals. Others apply to an entire group or business unit. In best practice organisations, continuing education is an integral part of work and is geared to the targets of both the organization and the employee. We provide for every single one of those needs. We offer “open seminars” for individuals on our standard topics. These seminars can also be booked as intensive one-on-one coaching. Groups, teams and business units may book trainings in small groups to be conducted either in their or in our premises. To best practice organisations, we are a partner specialised in developing, conducting and controlling qualification programs in multi-national companies. We assemble the perfect training package according to your needs with verifiable results.

You will find under a non-exhaustive list of the seminars we are offering. Please contact us for more information or check our institute website (in German).

Change Management Training

In a constantly changing world, managing change has become a prerequisite for the survival and success of an organization over time. However, fear and resistance to change within a company or a group are among the natural barriers that can jeopardize the success of change management.

To carry out a change successfully, it is therefore necessary to be able to correctly identify all the stakeholders involved, assess the risks of failure in order to prevent them as effectively as possible, identify key elements that can accelerate the adoption of new practices, etc. The IMCM® (International Mutlidisciplinary Change Management) lists all the dimensions impacted in a change and defines a complete methodology to successfully implement transformations, superficial or deep, in a company or an organized group. The IMCM® framework is therefore an essential tool for successfully implementing change management and offers the possibility of becoming official certified.

In order to master all aspects of change – whether you are a simple actor, an initiator or a pilot of change – you can follow our specific seminars in change management:

(Actual prices may vary)

Project Management Training

To prevent a project from turning into a disaster, a project manager must carefully prepare a plan to organize, harmonize and coordinate the various tasks and teams related to the project, all being under different constraints such as deadlines, costs, and available resources. To help him in this planning task, which can become extremely complex, the project manager has at his disposal a wide range of tools and methods enabling him to organise his work efficiently.

Our seminars allow you to discover the different aspects of project management, to acquire recognized and certified skills to successfully carry out a project – in particular according to the PMI standard -, but also to apply this knowledge on concrete cases in order to base the theoretical experience assimilated.

Would you like to discover project management or improve your project management skills?

Here is the list of our Project management seminars made for you:

(Actual prices may vary)

Agile Management Training

Here a list of agile management training courses.

(Actual prices may vary)

Leadership and Communication Training

Leadership is the ability of an individual to lead, guide, lead others or organizations towards defined objectives. The leader is therefore the person in charge of steer his team towards a specific goal. To do this, a good leader needs personal skills that are partly inherent to his personality – such as charisma – but also qualities and techniques learned and refined with experience.

How to become a better leader? How to effectively lead a team? How to communicate your vision well while motivating and inspiring the group?

To answer all these questions, we have developed a series of seminars to help you acquire essential leadership and communication skills.

Learn to be an elite leader with our training courses below:

(Actual prices may vary)

Process Management Training

Here a list of Process Management training courses.

(Actual prices may vary)

Strategy and Innovation Training

How to define an effective strategy to achieve your specific goal? How to be efficient in the management of this one? How can you create more value with the same resources? How can you stimulate innovation?

Thanks to our courses below, you will find adequate answers to these questions:

(Actual prices may vary)

Verifiable results

Professional certifications foster and reinforce our competences.

As many job titles and role descriptions are not protected, certifications of competence gain in importance. We certify your successful participation in a seminar with the amontis certificate. It attests that the seminar contents have not only been communicated to you but that you have applied your newly gained knowledge in a practical manner during the seminar. We are certified to issue certificates. We also give all participants to give us systematically feedbacks and which help to continously improve the quality of our seminars.

amontis is:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified by the TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH. The certification body certifies that amontis has established and applies a Quality Management System for the following services: Training, Consulting, Interim Management, Coaching.
  • amontis has been an R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider) accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) for the past two decades. Since January 2021 PMI® implemented a new concept of A.T.P. (Associated Training Partner).
  • a Licensed Affiliate of accredited training organisation (ATO) CONSENSUS Consulting GmbH and is authorised
    to conduct PRINCE2® trainings and examinations.
  • an accredited training organisation and partner of ACMC for the training and certification of International
    Multidisciplinary Change Management (IMCM®), along with our partners at the Université Sorbonne Paris Cité,
    Université Paris Descartes, Université du Québec, Montreal, and HEC Liège.

Book our seminars online

If you are interested in booking our seminars directly online (and if you understand German, we are still currently working on the english version), just click the button below and you will reach our dedicated website for trainings: amontis institute.

If you need any information about our services, just give us a call +49 (0) 6221 14 16 0 or send us an email, we will be happy to help you.

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